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Our DWI Defense Attorney in Allen, TX, Works Hard to Improve Your Situation

A DWI charge in Texas, has a domino effect of negative impacts, like losing your license for failing or refusing to take a blood test. To avoid those impacts, you need an experienced DWI defense attorney in Allen, TX. The Law Offices of Kyle K. Shaw, PLLC, is your source for driving under the influence legal defense at all stages, including license revocation hearings. We fight for you to keep your license under certain conditions. For example, you might obtain an occupational drivers’ license or interlock ignition.

No matter how your hearing goes, our criminal defense attorney is prepared to file all the necessary paperwork to keep you in compliance with the court. We have enough experience to go with you to trial if necessary, and even beyond. Having an appeals attorney means you have a second chance to fight for your rights. A conviction doesn’t have to be the end; an appeal can often bring a different result. You deserve as many of these chances as possible, and The Law Offices of Kyle K. Shaw, PLLC, is here to ensure you have them. Call our office for a free legal consultation to get started on your case.

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